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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get the same questions about home care, so we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please call us if you don’t find what you need here or need a more detailed explanation.
1. Home care: what is it?
Home care also known as domiciliary care. It is an umbrella term that refers to a number of helpful services that are given to clients in the comfort of their own homes rather than at a hospital or nursing home. These services are arranged to help individuals with the most basic daily activities of life that they need to perform without help from anyone else. Things like taking a bath, getting dressed, and making a meal as examples. A person might need help coming to their home at any time in their life when they become very sick or injured or cannot make their own decisions alone. This kind of help may be arranged in many ways and under many different names. There might be a visit lasting just 30 minutes each week or more. Or someone may come to stay in the person’s home 24/7 for five or six days one week every month.
2. Supported Living. What is it?
Supported Living encompasses a variety of services aimed at allowing people to maintain individual lives while living in their private residences. It can benefit individuals with a vast spectrum of support requirements, such as:  Caring for oneself on a daily basis  Gaining entry to public facilities  Maintaining a home  Managing finances  Obtaining and maintaining employment Supported Living secures the freedom for an individual to control his or her own home and financial responsibilities while obtaining the necessary assistance. We at Devoted Homecare Services’ strive to offer Supported Living services to the individual in his or her place of residence through personalised support that enables them to reach their goals. These services include custom-designed assistance tailored to the full realisation of the individual’s potential in pursuing life as an independent citizen. That means they can keep control of their own tenancy and bills and feel fully in charge, as well as supported.
3. What sets home care and residential care apart?

Home care occurs in private residence. With home care, individuals are given the comfort and consistency of living in a familiar setting. Residents, on the other hand are transferred from their house to a community living situation shared by numerous people. Even if space is available in a residential home, it isn’t necessarily convenient in terms of location.

4. Who can be cared for at home?

This is for anyone who has problems coping and staying safe at home or when it’s no longer practical for loved ones to provide the needed care. It’s also for people who want to go out and about with confidence that someone will be with them.

5. What services are provided for medical health?

Devoted Home Care Services can give you all the non-medical health services you need to stay at home and live an independent life. If you need medical attention, we will connect with your GP or specialist, and we will provide support for their services. To learn more about our services, click on the Support Needs tab at the top of the menu.

6. If I need help when the office is closed?

We operate all day long. We have regular office hours, and our on-call contact number is available for emergencies after office hours. You will receive complete information as part of your care plan. We will never leave you alone in dire straits or emergencies.

7. Are services offered by the company for people with dementia?

The company has experience caring for these individuals. Specifically, they employ experts in this field. For more detailed information, go to the company’s website and click on the “Company’s Needs” tab. You will find the section titled “Dementia Care and Alzheimer’s Disease” there.

8. What are some advantages of receiving care at home?

The concept of home care is to ensure that you receive the necessary support and assistance within the familiar confines of your residence. This arrangement has numerous advantages, including that you are statistically more likely to remain vibrant, self-supporting, and robust in health. Additionally, fitting into friendships and communities becomes far less stressful and daunting when you have a home person in your corner.

If you need medication, our Home Care Assistants will be aware of any doses you need, and when you need them, so you’ll never forget or take too much by accident. Other family members are not left with the entire responsibility of looking after someone with care needs. Knowing that their loved one is in qualified care relieves the others. Having the support of a home care provider eases stress significantly when the pressure of caring has fallen on just one person. The people who care about the client benefit from the service – the family, friends, and the client themselves.

Your in-home care assistant will be a caring individual who can oversee the welfare of your loved one.

9. If I set up individual care with you, how do I know I'll get the right home care assistant?

We go to great lengths to ensure our clients are paired with the suitable carers. This is crucial for the happiness and welfare of both parties and is, therefore, an integral part of our initial assessment and the design of our care plans. We believe it is essential to try to match clients and carers as best as we possibly can in terms of both personality and skills. Home care should be more than simply practical. To ensure the best possible solution for everyone, all concerned need to work together in trust and harmony.

10. The benefits of selecting our organisation

We understand that choosing a home care provider for yourself or a family member is a meticulous and time-consuming. With qualified professional staff for every need, Devoted Home Care Services are passionate about their work and prioritise respectful, considerate and careful delivery of services to meet the highest professional standards. We hope you opt for us.

Our carers offer compassionate, considerate, and custom-made top-notch medical care that is always affirmative, wise, and tailored to you or your loved one.

Thoughtful and thoughtful care is critical regarding the most minor details. We collect your preferences, such as tea additives, the time you enjoy getting up in the morning, and the habits you love to live by. You are the one to decide when you need our services. It is essential to highlight that our carers are always ready for action and happy to cater to our clients. You choose, and we will adjust to this decision. It depends on whether you need someone for a whole week, a night, or even just 30 minutes. We are here to make you happy 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

How much does care cost?

Billing Structure

Most home care services are charged by the visit, with 30-minute visits usually being the shortest time for which home care services are billed. The length of each visit is based on the specific needs of the person receiving care.

Inclusive Costs

The costs of care agency services typically cover the various aspects of care, such as professional wages, travel expenditures, personal protective gear, and cost management, including study and review.

Comparison of Visit Length

The cost of short visits can seem higher than that of longer ones because fixed costs like travel time and transportation costs stay the same, regardless of the duration of the visit.

Transparent Pricing

Devoted Home Care Services keeps it simple for you. Other businesses might charge extra, but they're transparent with their prices. Always ask before hiring.

Estimated Service Costs:

Homecare visits start at £18 for 30 minutes. Our dedicated and qualified homecare workers provide live-in care starting at £950 per week. Our overnight care rates usually start from £145 per night and are provided from 10 pm to 7 am.