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What is Supported Living?

Understanding Supported Living

Supported living, also known as supportive housing, is a service that helps individuals maintain their independence while receiving additional physical and emotional support necessary for leading fulfilling lives in their own homes.

In supported housing, individuals typically maintain their tenancy and reside in accommodations provided by specialised organisations. They retain complete control over managing their bills, household chores, and other responsibilities associated with living independently. Support is offered separately to maximise individuals’ independence, ensuring they have the freedom to make choices and pursue their goals. This includes offering physical and emotional assistance tailored to each person’s needs and preferences.

Our Tailored Support Services

In our organisation, we help adults with various conditions. Some of these conditions are learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and mental health needs.

Independent Supported living services

We provide support for people with complex needs to live in their own homes in the community. They get the help they need to manage on their own, live the lives they want to and enjoy their local area.

Personalised Support

All our support is customised to fit the unique needs and wants of every person we help. It is important to be dedicated to our job and to specialise in the field that we are in. Our teams are well prepared in their areas, so we can ensure you the best service out there.

The Benefits of Supported Living Customised for You

Supported living offers you both freedom and independence. You have the comfort and security of your own home, but the added reassurance that help is at hand if you need it. Far from losing your independence, you widen your options and possibility by living with them.

What is moving into supported living like?

The Personal Journey of Transitioning to Supported Living

The move to a supported living environment is a major step towards independence, often representing the first time someone has moved out of the family home. At this pivotal moment, our dedicated team provides friendly support and encouragement, ensuring a smooth, positive and fulfilling transition.

Embracing Independence

The act of choosing a location where support is offered is known as accepting autonomy since one has the ability to take care of themselves within the confines of their front entrance comfortably and protected. You are aware that, given that assistance is tailored, such help is conveniently located, and it allows you to achieve satisfaction that suits your standard of living.

Support for Individuals and Families

We recognise that the change to supportive housing affects not only the person who will be moving but also his or her family. Therefore, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that everyone involved can make a smooth transition, giving each of them a sense of peace of mind and confidence in every step of the process.

The benefits of choosing supported living

Enjoy Greater Independence

Supported living allows individuals to live in their own home with special assistance. The level of help is determined based on what a person needs to help him care for himself or herself. Unlike residential care, supported living is intended for individuals who require more independence. Supported living is designed for people who need assistance leaving their parents' house or want help living more independently. Supported living is a comfortable place to live and to learn how to take care of oneself.

Live in Your Own Home Tailored Around Your Needs

Supported living homes are specially designed to accommodate individual needs and requirements. Properties are equipped with assistive technology such as call systems, hoists, and automatic doors, enhancing support and facilitating independent living.

The Opportunity to Create a Home You Love

Moving into your own home allows you to personalise your living space with furniture and decorations that reflect your style and preferences, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Tailored Support and Care

Supported living provides privacy and independence while offering access to specialist support from a dedicated team available 24/7. Support covers various tasks including personal care, medication management, and financial assistance, aiming to help individuals develop skills, pursue hobbies, and live fulfilling lives.

Friendly Support from an Expertly Trained Team

Supported living teams are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the individuals under their care. By continuing professional development, they maintain the highest standard possible to offer the best support which is tailored to meet the individuals' needs. The dedicated support team works incessantly to give individuals the most dignified and respectful care. They show individuals that they hold the value of dignity and respect at the top of their list for core values which are provided at all times to individuals that are supported by the team. The supported living team is available day and night, 24/7 to assist and provide support to all individuals that have been supported and their families, 365 days a year.

How We Can Help

Our focus is on locating appropriate accommodations that meet your requirements for supported living. By collaborating with different housing associations, we offer options that are both suitable and affordable. Our primary goal is to get you into a secure, stable, and all-yours living situation. This includes all the necessary help and authorisation to formally give you the keys and peacefully occupy your new home.

Personalised Accommodation Solutions

We offer various types of living arrangements to meet the needs of adults with mental health conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and spinal cord injuries. Supported living arrangements allow individuals to live in the housing setting of their choice, either alone, with a roommate, or with family. We believe that individuals should have the opportunity, support, and assistance to live in integrated, community-based settings where they can make choices, direct the provision of their services, and live as independently as possible. We support this philosophy through individual choice, self-determination, partnership, and socially valued roles and opportunities. We are committed to providing self-determination services. It is our goal to provide supports to people—one person at a time—in the way that matches that person’s abilities and needs, hopes and dreams. We put the focus on the abilities and competence of the individual, not the limitations of the disability.

Creating Connections

We recognise the importance of companionship and strive to match individuals with compatible housemates who share similar lifestyles and interests. Our supported living homes are nestled within vibrant communities, offering easy access to local amenities and transportation links.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or would like more information, please explore supported living accommodations near you or reach out to our friendly team. We're here to address any inquiries and guide you through the process.