Arranging Care

Step 1 – Initial Conversation.

Engage with our caring customer service team and communicate the type of help you or your loved one need. Let us understand your and your loved one's needs better. You can arrange this over the phone or come to our office and meet with us in person.

Step 2 – where you experience the most comfort

We will set up a free consultation to evaluate the needs of those in your home who require care. Our care management staff will look into your needs including regular, medical, lifestyle, and historical needs, but we will also take into consideration what you desire, prefer, and when and how you want it. By sharing this invaluable information with us, we can then create a personalised care plan that fits your needs, allowing you to maintain your independence at home and meet your unique goals.

Step 3 – A component of our offering

Our carers will always introduce themselves to you before their first visit to ensure that you know they are familiar with you, understand your preferences, and know where everything is located. A more experienced staff member will conduct this initial introduction.

Step 4 – Care Package Delivery

Once we've confirmed the start date and times for your visits, we'll start your care package delivery. We will provide instructions on how to use our family app, and we can show you how it works, too. Usually, it takes a short period for individuals, their family members, and our team to get to know one another. Nonetheless, you don't have to worry. Our care team will stay in close touch to confirm that everything is going smoothly and all issues are being handled. To ensure that you receive the best care, our caregivers will be conducting scheduled reviews to make sure your care plan reflects what you need right now. We frequently encounter some of the same questions. Please first glance through the section of "Frequently asked questions" to find the answer to these questions. If you do not find them, feel free to call.